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Amigurumi crochet puppy

Amigurumi crochet puppy
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Amigurumi crochet puppy
Reference : TR18
Translation from Russian to Amigurumi French small dog. I only propose translation and asks for remuneration only for this service and not for models offered on the Internet. I can not inform you more of what is translated because it is all the information that I have. You can also order a translation by sending me the file by e-mail and after my answer you can proceed to the payment and I to the translation, which I will also send by mail. This template is already translated and available in PDF format (it includes the explanations to the crochet without pictures translated from the Russian in French) after the payment will be sent to you by mail.
P.S: thank you to join me your mail so that I can send you the translation in PDF format on your box